Powder coatings, paints and pigments particle size analysis

Particle size influences the performance of any product containing particulate material, whether in a dispersion, suspension, powder, or spray.

The global paints and coatings industry includes a wide variety of products, from basic decorative paints through to an extensive range of highly advanced protective coatings and other specialized materials. A common factor is that all are complex formulated products in which functional components (solvents, binders, film-formers, pigments, extenders etc) are brought together to deliver specific properties and performance.

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Particle size influences properties and performance of powder coatings, paints and pigments

Particle size influences the performance of any product that contains particulate material. In paints and coatings, understanding particle size is critical for the development, manufacture and qualification of raw materials and formulating fit-for-purpose products. Particle size measurement plays a key role in: • Monitoring powder milling processes in the manufacture of products such as pigments and powder coatings • Quality control of the final product • Aiding formulation when developing and researching new products. Different performance parameters (hue and tint strength, coverage and gloss, for example) can be influenced by manipulating particle sizes within the formulation. The speed, range and versatility of laser diffraction particle sizing, with its ability to measure wet or dry sample dispersions, have made it a key analytical tool for a wide range of paint, coatings and pigments applications.

Minerals and Mining Particle Size Analyzers

Particle size is critical in mineral grinding, where the target is to reduce the particle size of mined ore sufficiently to enable liberation of the mineral in a downstream separation process.

Calcium carbonate particle size analysis

Laser diffraction offers the flexibility to deliver rapid measurements across a wide size range, using either wet or dry sample dispersion.

Ceramics particle size analysis

Particle size and particle size distribution are defining characteristics of the metal powders influencing key powder properties.