Topsizer Particle Size Analyzer

Modern laser diffraction technology in an affordable, easy-to-use instrument.

Omec Topsizer instruments are renowned for providing cost-effective access to state-of-the-art laser diffraction particle sizing technology. Designed with durability and accuracy in mind, these robust systems offer businesses a reliable and high-quality solution for obtaining particle size information. By utilizing the Topsizer companies can ensure the efficient performance of various industrial processes and products.

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Designed to deliver high performance particle sizing

Topsizer is a laser diffraction particle sizing system that has been specifically engineered to provide high-performance capabilities at an economical investment, ensuring accessibility for a broad range of users. This advanced technology allows users to obtain precise particle size information without breaking the bank. The goal is to democratize laser diffraction particle sizing, enabling a wide array of industries and applications to benefit from its insights. One of the key advantages of Topsizer is its user-friendly design, which caters to both seasoned professionals and inexperienced analysts. The intuitive software and straightforward hardware make it easy to set up and operate the system, even for individuals who may be new to particle sizing. With clear instructions and a simplified interface, users can quickly become proficient in running the instrument and generating meaningful results. The simplicity and accessibility of Topsizer do not compromise its performance. The system incorporates cutting-edge technology and precise measurement capabilities to ensure accurate particle size analysis. By harnessing laser diffraction principles, Topsizer measures the scattering pattern of particles as they interact with a laser beam, providing valuable insights into their size distribution. This information is vital for a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, minerals, and food processing, where particle size plays a critical role in product quality and performance. The affordability and ease of use of Topsizer make it an attractive solution for both small-scale operations and larger enterprises. Its versatility enables users to optimize various processes such as quality control, formulation development, and research, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity. In summary, Topsizer stands out as a high-performance laser diffraction particle sizing system that prioritizes accessibility and ease of use. Its economic investment and user-friendly design open doors for a diverse range of users, regardless of their prior experience in particle sizing. With intuitive software and straightforward operation, Topsizer empowers users to obtain meaningful particle size data, enabling them to make informed decisions and improve their products and processes.

Ideal for many different particle sizing applications and user environments

Easy installation and setup for a particle testing fast start

The Omec Topsizer offers an effortless and straightforward installation process, allowing users to get their laser diffraction particle sizer up and running quickly. With an "out of the box" setup, users can simply plug in the Topsizer and begin utilizing its capabilities. This seamless installation eliminates the need for complex assembly or intricate technical procedures, saving users time and effort. One of the key features that contribute to the user-friendly experience of the Omec Topsizer is its software-driven operation. The intuitive software interface guides users through the setup and operation process, making it easy to navigate even for those who may be new to particle sizing. The software provides clear instructions and prompts, ensuring that users can effectively utilize the instrument without requiring extensive training or technical expertise. Furthermore, the analysis of particle size data is simplified with the Omec Topsizer's software. Users can easily input their data and generate comprehensive reports and visualizations, allowing for a quick and accurate assessment of particle size distributions. The user-friendly software streamlines the analysis process, enabling users to interpret and utilize the obtained results with ease. To support users throughout their experience with the Omec Topsizer, global online support is readily available. Whenever and wherever assistance is needed, users can access online resources, documentation, and expert guidance to address any queries or challenges they may encounter. This comprehensive support system ensures that users can confidently and rapidly achieve their application goals, maximizing the benefits of the Topsizer in their specific industry or research field. In conclusion, the Omec Topsizer excels in providing a hassle-free installation experience, thanks to its "out of the box" setup. With software-driven operation and analysis, users can interact with the instrument effortlessly, enabling a seamless workflow. Additionally, the availability of global online support ensures that users can access assistance whenever required, facilitating a rapid achievement of their application goals. The combination of user-friendly features and comprehensive support makes the Omec Topsizer a reliable and efficient tool for laser diffraction particle sizing.

Wide particle measurement range supports diverse applications

Omec Instruments' Topsizer stands out with its exceptional capability to measure a wide range of particle sizes, catering to particles spanning from submicron dimensions to a few millimeters in size. This expansive measurement range enables comprehensive characterization of particles within a single measurement, eliminating the need for multiple instruments or time-consuming sample preparation techniques. The Topsizer's optical system and detector array have been meticulously engineered and optimized to deliver outstanding resolution across this broad measurement range. The system's design ensures that it captures precise and reliable scattering patterns from particles of various sizes. By leveraging advanced optics and high-performance detectors, the Topsizer maximizes the accuracy and resolution of the particle size measurements, enabling users to obtain detailed insights into the size distribution of their samples. The ability to analyze particles ranging from submicron to millimeter-scale is particularly advantageous in a wide range of industries and applications. In fields such as pharmaceuticals, where the particle size distribution greatly affects drug dissolution and bioavailability, the Topsizer's broad measurement range empowers researchers to thoroughly understand and optimize their formulations. Similarly, in the manufacturing of cosmetics or coatings, where particle size directly impacts product stability and appearance, the Topsizer provides invaluable information for quality control and product development. Moreover, the Topsizer's wide measurement range opens doors for research and development in materials science, geology, and environmental monitoring. It enables scientists to investigate particles with diverse properties and sizes, facilitating a deeper understanding of complex systems and processes. By offering a comprehensive solution for particle characterization across a broad size range, Omec Instruments' Topsizer equips users with a versatile tool to investigate particles of different scales in a single measurement. Its optimized optical system and detector array ensure maximum resolution, providing accurate and reliable data. Whether in research, development, or quality control, the Topsizer's capabilities contribute to advancing knowledge, enhancing product performance, and improving industrial processes across numerous fields.

Rugged optics and automated alignment ensure robust particle measurement

Incorporating dual wavelength measurement, the Topsizer by Omec Instruments offers the high sensitivity required to accurately measure particles across a wide range of sizes. This advanced feature enhances the instrument's ability to detect and analyze particles with exceptional precision. By utilizing two distinct wavelengths of light, the Topsizer can effectively capture scattering data from both small and large particles, enabling comprehensive analysis from submicron to millimeter-scale dimensions. The rugged configuration of the Topsizer further contributes to its reliability and robustness. The instrument is designed to withstand demanding operational conditions, ensuring consistent and accurate measurements over extended periods of time. This durability makes the Topsizer a dependable solution for a variety of applications, including industrial quality control or research settings. The automatic alignment feature of the Topsizer's optical system adds to its user-friendly nature. The instrument is equipped with sophisticated mechanisms that facilitate the seamless switching between dispersion units and sample types. This automated alignment process simplifies the setup and operation, eliminating the need for manual adjustments or calibration. Users can confidently transition between different dispersion units or sample types, knowing that the Topsizer will maintain its accuracy and provide reliable measurements consistently. By combining dual wavelength measurement with a rugged configuration and automatic optical system alignment, the Topsizer offers a user-friendly experience and ensures precise measurements time after time. Its high sensitivity and wide measurement range enable comprehensive particle size analysis, providing valuable insights into various industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and materials science. The Topsizer's robust design and reliable performance make it a trusted tool for research, development, and quality control purposes, where accurate particle size data is vital for optimizing processes, improving product performance, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Effective sample dispersion

In laser diffraction particle sizing, achieving effective sample dispersion is crucial for obtaining accurate and reliable measurements. The Topsizer by Omec Instruments recognizes the significance of sample dispersion and offers both wet and dry dispersion capabilities, providing users with flexibility and versatility in their measurement approach. The Topsizer allows straightforward switching between wet and dry dispersion modes, enabling users to adapt to the specific requirements of their samples or applications. Wet dispersion involves suspending particles in a liquid medium, facilitating individual particle analysis. This method is particularly useful for samples that tend to agglomerate or have cohesive properties. On the other hand, dry dispersion involves dispersing the particles in a controlled airflow, ensuring individual particle measurement in a dry state. Dry dispersion is often employed for samples that are sensitive to liquid environments or require analysis under specific conditions. To cater to diverse sample types and applications, the Topsizer offers a range of software-controlled sample dispersion units. These units provide flexibility in selecting the most suitable dispersion conditions and dispersants for the specific sample being analyzed. The ability to customize dispersion settings ensures optimal measurement conditions, leading to accurate and representative results. One of the advantages of laser diffraction particle sizing is its non-destructive nature. The laser beam used in the measurement process does not alter or damage the particles, allowing for sample recovery after analysis. This feature is particularly beneficial for samples that are limited in quantity or expensive, as it enables further characterization or additional testing to be conducted on the same sample. By offering both wet and dry dispersion capabilities, along with a choice of software-controlled dispersion units, the Topsizer equips users with the tools needed to achieve effective sample dispersion tailored to their specific needs. The non-destructive nature of laser diffraction further enhances the Topsizer's versatility, allowing for sample recovery and subsequent analysis. These features collectively contribute to the instrument's ability to generate accurate and reliable particle size data, supporting a wide range of applications in industries such as pharmaceuticals, materials science, and research.

Wet and dry sample dispersion units

Wet dispersion - SCF-108A

The high-performance SCF-108A uses a 1000 mL beaker for simple, rapid sampling. A dip-in pump and stir head provide continuous agitation and automatic circulation through the measurement system. An ultrasonic probe ensures consistent dispersion control. The unit’s design reduces air bubbles and liquid splashes while providing effective dispersion, sample circulation, cleaning and draining.

Dry dispersion - DPF-110

The DPF-110 automated dry powder feeder is designed to support measurement SOPs, minimizing operator variability to deliver consistent and reproducible results. Precise monitoring and control of the dispersive air pressure make the unit suitable for both fragile and cohesive materials.

Key industry applications

Building Materials particle size analysis

Particle size analysis plays an important role in the production and quality control of a wide range of raw and processed building materials.

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Powder coatings, paints and pigments particle size analysis

Particle size influences the performance of any product containing particulate material, whether in a dispersion, suspension, powder, or spray.

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Calcium carbonate particle size analysis

Laser diffraction offers the flexibility to deliver rapid measurements across a wide size range, using either wet or dry sample dispersion.

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