Topsizer Particle size Analyzer

Modern laser diffraction technology in an affordable, easy-to-use instrument.

Topsizer instruments offer cost-effective access to modern laser diffraction particle sizing technology. These robust systems deliver the reliable, high quality particle size information that businesses need to ensure the efficient performance of multiple industrial processes and products.

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Designed to deliver high performance

Topsizer is designed to deliver high performance laser diffraction particle sizing at a level of economic investment that makes this technology accessible to the widest possible range of users. Intuitive software and user-friendly hardware make it easy for even inexperienced analysts to set up and operate and to start generating meaningful results.

Ideal for many different particle sizing applications and user environments

Easy installation and setup for a fast start

‘Out of the box’ installation allows you to simply plug in and begin, making it quick and easy to get your new laser diffraction particle sizer fully up and running. Software-driven operation and analysis simplifies user interaction, and with global online support available whenever and wherever you need it you can be confident of rapidly achieving your application goals

Wide measurement range supports diverse applications

The wide measurement range of the Topsizer allows characterization of particles from submicron to a few millimetres in size in a single measurement. Its optical system and detector array are optimized to achieve maximum resolution across this broad range.

Rugged optics and automated alignment ensure robust measurement

The use of dual wavelength measurement provides the high sensitivity needed to measure over a wide size range. Rugged configuration and automatic alignment of the optical system ensures uncomplicated switching between dispersion units and sample types, for robust measurement time after time.

Effective sample dispersion

Effective sample dispersion is critical to making good measurements. Topsizer offers both wet and dry dispersion capabilities with straightforward switching between the two. A choice of software-controlled sample dispersion units means you can select the most appropriate dispersion conditions and dispersants for your sample or application. Furthermore, the non-destructive nature of laser diffraction allows sample recover

Wet and dry sample dispersion units

Wet dispersion - SCF-108A

The high-performance SCF-108A uses a 1000 mL beaker for simple, rapid sampling. A dip-in pump and stir head provide continuous agitation and automatic circulation through the measurement system. An ultrasonic probe ensures consistent dispersion control. The unit’s design reduces air bubbles and liquid splashes while providing effective dispersion, sample circulation, cleaning and draining.

Dry dispersion - DPF-110

The DPF-110 automated dry powder feeder is designed to support measurement SOPs, minimizing operator variability to deliver consistent and reproducible results. Precise monitoring and control of the dispersive air pressure make the unit suitable for both fragile and cohesive materials.

Key industry applications

Building Materials

Particle size analysis plays an important role in the production and quality control of a wide range of raw and processed building materials.

Powder coatings, paints and pigments

Particle size influences the performance of any product containing particulate material, whether in a dispersion, suspension, powder, or spray.

Calcium carbonate

Laser diffraction offers the flexibility to deliver rapid measurements across a wide size range, using either wet or dry sample dispersion.

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