Building Materials particle size analysis

Particle size analysis plays an important role in the production and quality control of a wide range of raw and processed building materials.

Construction is one of the largest sectors in the global economy, and the capabilities and output of companies that produce building materials are crucial to its success. The utility, quality and competitiveness of building materials have always been important. Intense market pressures, stringent environmental and safety requirements, and advancing construction methods continue to drive the need for efficient and consistent processing to achieve exacting product specifications. Particle size analysis plays an important role in the production and quality control of a wide range of raw and processed building materials, including sand and other aggregates, gypsum and, in particular, cement. Laser diffraction is the particle sizing technology of choice.

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Particle size analysis in cement production

Cement production is a hugely energy-intensive process that requires close control at every stage in order to deliver high-quality end-product efficiently and with minimal waste. Particle size measurement plays a key role because, the particle size distribution produced by grinding clinker influences the critical strength and curing properties of the finished cement. Also, overgrinding wastes energy and adversely affects the finished product. Environmental concerns are driving greater use of alternative raw materials and the production of blended cements

Laser diffraction as proven technology

Laser diffraction is a proven particle sizing technology. It delivers results that are recognized and trusted as indicators of process control and product quality by cement producers and cement consumers alike. The technique is robust, reliable, quick and easy to use, and provides comprehensive information about the complete particle size distribution. It is widely employed to ensure optimal grinding of both conventional and alternative raw materials, and for quality control of the finished cement.

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Ceramics particle size analysis

Particle size and particle size distribution are defining characteristics of the metal powders influencing key powder properties.

Calcium carbonate particle size analysis

Laser diffraction offers the flexibility to deliver rapid measurements across a wide size range, using either wet or dry sample dispersion.

Powder coatings, paints and pigments particle size analysis

Particle size influences the performance of any product containing particulate material, whether in a dispersion, suspension, powder, or spray.